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Petronas Syntium 5000 DM (1Ltr)

  • SAE 5W-30

JTD Engines

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: S4P6647
  • OEM Number: 18141619
  • Manufacturer: Petronas
  • Retail Price: £160.32
  • Our Price: £5.696.83 inc VAT)
  • Weight: 1.0 kg (Check Delivery Rate)

Product Description

Syntium 5000 DM is a fully synthetic lubricant with fuel economy characteristics. It protects the engine and lengthens the life of exhaust systems fitted with DPF and TWC.
Thanks to low SAPS technology (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) and its latest-generation formula, Syntium 5000 XS allows:
  • 20% reduction of the accumulation of ash in the particulate filter capable of preventing regeneration and consequent power loss;
  • High protection against wear of all the engine components subjected to lubrication;
  • Lengthening of the intervals between changes up to the maximum specified by manufacturers;
  • Protection against the formation of deposits and sludge;
  • Advanced fuel economy characteristics combined with perfect maximising of engine performance rates;
  • Reduction of oxidation and oil consumption.
  • SAE 5W-30
  • API SM
  • ACEA C3
  • BMW LL-04
  • MB-Approval 229.51
  • VW 505.01

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