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Selenia HPX 2ltr

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  • Part Number: S4P5640
  • OEM Number: 70144GC5EU
  • Manufacturer: Petronas
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Product Description

HPX is the lubricant with semi-synthetic base that ensures first-rate performance on cars with a high mileage and on new engines. Its formula has the new SAE 20W-super50 viscosity grade and has obtained the certification of major international manufacturers (VW 501.00-505.00 and MB 229.1). With its formulation, HPX regenerates the engine enhancing performance and it is the ideal oil for cars being prepared for compulsory MOT testing.
The innovative viscosity grade of HPX is called 20W-super 50 because within the reference viscosity range of 20W-50 it has a level of kinematic viscosity (21) characteristic of oils with exceptional viscosity (the next grade 20W-60 has a range of between 21.9 and 26.1). Due to its engine reconditioning function- HPX is the ideal oil for cars being prepared for compulsory testing. Indeed it limits exhaust gas emissions- ensuring stability at high temperatures- limited evaporation and it also regenerates the engine. Its international specifications API SJ/CF and ACEA A3/B2 prove the highest level of stability at high temperatures and cleansing properties.

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